SIBCA had been presented with a number of awards from the industry to honor company. Throughout the years of operation, the awards presented to SIBCA celebrate high commitment, excellent quality and outstanding service in fire alarm, security, ELV and life safety within the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

SIBCA also presented a number of awards to its MEPs and End-users showcasing its commitment to work closely with both, partnering on harnessing best practices to achieve the ultimate safe and secure results for businesses, residential and the community.

SIBCA’s core services are currently engaged with smart buildings and smart cities focusing on the following:

  • Green – energy efficiency, flexible heating and cooling systems, and efficient use of natural resources
  • Safe – access control, surveillance and intrusion monitoring, fire and life safety, emergency communications, and health and safety systems)
  • Productive – uninterrupted power supply, wired and wireless connectivity

Such great engagement is making SIBCA a potential to receive awards on a regional level.