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With PEMALL 227™ Engineered System, the superior capabilities of its clean agent (PEMALL HFC-227ea) is enabled to full maximum performance. With this kind of ability, it can reach fire rapidly and suppress the fire with only a matter of a few seconds. With our safety records for high efficiency performance, PEMALL’s Clean Agent cylinders provides excellent service to its valued customers.

PEMALL 227™ cylinders are manufactured and are created by our group of hardworking engineering and production team at our facilities in both European and Asian countries. PEMALL has unfailingly passed all extensive and rigorous testing performed by international safety solution and regulation authorities. With our exceptional records for safety and durability, our cylinders are globally used specially on train stations, hospitals, restaurants and other industrial and private companies.

With PEMALL’s Flow Calculation Software that comes with it, you can do accurate calculations of the system quick and easy. You will have full control over your calculations and can easily see how a change of process data (temperature etc.) will affect the measurement of the flow.

Area of Application

PEMALL’s fire suppression systems can assure you of its reliability, quality and efficiency in any type of hazard you want to secure. Small or large, we have a suppression system to safeguard your critical assets.

Our systems have been designed and installed in many locations worldwide from institutions, government facilities, commercial buildings, industrial sites and offshore platforms.

Applications includes
  • Data Storage Facilities
  • Computer Rooms
  • Server Rooms
  • CT Scan & MRI Control Rooms
  • Microwave Relay Towers, PBX & IDF Rooms
  • Combat Vehicles
  • Military Aviation
  • Commercial Building
  • Museums
  • Libraries and Transportation.



The PEMALL-227™ System is residue-free operating extinguishant HFC-227ea has a high extinguishing effectiveness and environmental compatibility (Global Warming Potential GWP = 3500, Ozone Depletion potential ODP = 0). Further advantages are its high personal safety and the small storage volume.

PEMALL-227™ System is Pressurized with nitrogen on the intended system pressure of 360 psi , or 500 psi in order to assure a complete and effective flooding of a protected room.

PEMALL-227™ System extinguishing system knock downs fire with PEMALL HFC-227ea extinguishant that offers optimal fire protection and is particularly suitable for electrical and electronic risks. The system consists of wide range Stainless Steel cylinders.

When HFC-227ea is exposed to temperatures greater than 1300°F (700°C), the by-product Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) will be formed. PEMALL-227™ System are designed to discharge in 10 seconds or less in order to minimize the amount of HF formed.