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PEMALL 5112™ Engineered System is supplied in stainless steel cylinders of wide filling ranges that offers small footprint that requires minimal storage space. It has a boiling point of 49°C and therefore exists as a liquid at room temperature. Super-pressurized with nitrogen to 500 psi it rapidly extinguishes a fire through a combination of heat absorption and some chemical interference with the flame.

The PEMALL 5112™ cylinders are supported with the option to be designed with the Selector valve options where cylinders are connected to a manifold pipe which runs into the selector valve manifold. Each protected area zone is connected to a separate selector valve that pneumatically or electrically operated so when fire is detected the control panel opens only the related zone selector valve to discharge agent into the affected area. If the fire is detected in a different zone, the control panel opens the selector valve related to that respective zone.

The PEMALL 5112™ 500 psi with PEMALL FK-5-1-12 system is extremely flexible where the innovative cylinder filling range, Head Valve connection options of Electrical, Pneumatic, & Manual connections as well as the Selector “Directional“ Valve option support to have designs that save space and reduces both installation and maintenance costs.

PEMALL 5112™ safeguard a wide range of applications: Offshore Facilities, Petrochemical Plants, Marine Chemical Plants, Military Vessels, Industrial Military Sites, Power Plants, Industrial Complexes and Renewable Energy Sites.

Area of Application

PEMALL’s fire suppression systems can assure you of its reliability, quality and efficiency in any type of hazard you want to secure. Small or large, we have a suppression system to safeguard your critical assets.

Our systems have been designed and installed in many locations worldwide from institutions, government facilities, commercial buildings, industrial sites and offshore platforms.

Applications includes
  • Data Storage Facilities
  • Computer Rooms
  • Server Rooms
  • CT Scan & MRI Control Rooms
  • Microwave Relay Towers
  • PBX & IDF Rooms
  • Combat Vehicles
  • Military Aviation
  • Commercial Building
  • Museums
  • Libraries and Transportation.



PEMALL 5112™ Fire Suppression System – Extinguishment capability occurs within seconds, via a combination of chemically based fire inhibition and cooling at the flame front. Extinguishing concentration is reached in seconds.

Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) – PEMALL FK-5-1-12 fluid is a highly fluorinated ketone containing no chlorine or bromine meaning it has no effect on stratospheric ozone with ZERO ODP.

Global Warming Potential (GWP) – PEMALL FK-5-1-12 fluid has an atmospheric lifetime of only 0.014 years. The global warning potential for all practical purposes is almost negligible.

PEMALL 5112™ Fire Suppression System are necessary to:

  • Minimized space and weight requirements
  • Faster installation and service
  •  Ambient temperature storage