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Our position as a market leader compels us to fulfill our commitment to our clients and offer the world’s most advanced and cutting edge innovative technological solutions. To deliver our promise, we have created and nurtured strategic partnerships with global technology companies, which have resulted in privileged relationships that serve mutual interests.

In addition to the leading names in technology across the world, we also engage in partnerships with several manufacturers that enjoy market-leading positions in their fields of expertise.

As a company that has envisioned and prioritized regional growth, we are always looking to cement partnerships and establish relationships with suppliers and innovators that are interested in exploring opportunities in the region.

 Infrastructure, Industrial & Transportation
 Hospitality
 Education, Government & Places of Worship
 Entertainment & Theme Parks
 Healthcare
 Commercial & Offices
 Residential & Mixed-Use
 Retail & Shopping Malls

Started in 1977 in the UAE, SIBCA has become one of the leading providers of Life Safety, BMS, ELV, Audiovisual and ICT solutions in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


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