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Manufactures to BS 1-7629

Plain Annealed Copper Conductors / Silicone Rubber Insulated / Circuit Protective Conductor / Single Layer of Aluminum / Co-Polymer Tape (tap is adhered to the sheathing and will come away with the seath when stripping the cable) Thermoplastic Low Smoke Non-Halogen (LSNH) Sheath. 300/500V These cables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications in suitably protected environments and is particularly appropriate for direct burial in plaster, clipped directly to surface, tray and other installations requiring addressable product.

Area of Application

Emergency lighting , Central battery system cables



  • Higher  Resistance to  Electromagnetic Interference.
  • Superior Earth Continuity (The bare CPC is placed between two metallic tapes)
  • Enhanced  Resistance to Cable Kinks (Subsequently protecting cables performance)
  • Extremely Robust/ Durable Design (Due to increased tape numbers and overlap)
  • Improved Data Transmission (Due to twisted cores and additional screening)

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